Joining our community is as simple as getting a Community Membership. Community Membership, at this time, provides the following benefits and privileges beyond what is available to the general public:

  • Discounts for community events (West Coast Eritrean Festival when held in the East Bay)
  • Priority registration for events with limited capacity
  • 10% off select programs at the ECC
  • 10% off advertising rates
  • 10% off facility rental rates

We have three types of Community Membership, each granting the benefits above, but for different groups. The three types of membership are detailed in the membership forms below, but include the following:

  • Family – $15 / mo for each couple
  • Individual – $10 / mo for each single person or single-parent (with up to 2 children)
  • Student – $5 / mo for each student enrolled in an accredited program (please see the form below for details)

To register, please complete and mail in the following form for ECC Oakland Community Membership [English] [ትግርኛ]. The Community Membership described above only provides the benefits listed above and does not include any rights to attend meetings of the Board of the Eritrean Community, Civic, and Cultural Center. Community Membership fees are not tax deductible.

Donations to ECC Oakland are greatly appreciated, if you would like to donate, please feel free to to do so on our donations page.