Vision & Mission


The Eritrean Community Cultural & Civic Center’s (aka ECC Oakland) envisions a strong Eritrean diaspora community where each person feels empowered and able to make significant contributions towards a just, prosperous and peaceful world.


ECC Oakland’s mission is to serve as a safe space for Eritreans – especially the most disadvantaged – to promote wellbeing and opportunity to live self-sufficient, healthy, and self-determined lives, in the present and in the future.

In response to the evolving and extremely diverse needs of the Eritrean community, our various programs focus on physical, mental, social, cultural, and economic well-being.

Our approach includes:
1) celebrating Eritrean history and culture as a source of pride and foundation to build upon;
2) providing targeted, accessible, and responsive learning opportunities and services that build confidence, knowledge and skills;
3) strengthening community engagement for increased partnership and cooperation;
4) civic engagement and grassroots organizing against injustice;
5) and, sustainable development efforts in Eritrea.