The ECCCC envisions creating a vibrant, successful and healthy, community where Eritrean American quality of life is improved and Eritrean culture and heritage are celebrated through intergenerational dialogue, art and educational programs.

The Center is to enrich life, build Eritrean identity, promote the development of meaningful bonds within our community, and facilitate connections with Eritrea and Eritreans worldwide. The Center provides quality experiences through a mix of formal and informal activities feeding education, recreational, and cultural interests about Eritrea. Individuals of all ages are invited to participate at their level of interest and encouraged toward higher levels of involvement in Eritrean life and in the Eritrean community at large.

Center leaders spent time working with a committee of community elders and thinkers to develop a list of values for the community center that is representative of all of Eritrea’s cultures and history.

  • Unity – “Unity without diversity is evil, diversity without unity is pointless.”
  • Public service – Sustainable public spaces can be preserved only with social & community service, which is the responsibility of everyone in the community.
  • Social justice – Equitable distribution of services with special care given to the most disadvantaged.
  • Cultural revival – Nurture the evolution of Eritrean culture and provide an environment to share that development to the community.
  • Cooperation with other communities – Comprehensive cooperation with our neighboring communities, striving for peace and human progress.

This open and honest process enables the Center to be the heart of our Eritrean community, playing a central role in reaching out to build a welcoming, diverse and thriving community that enriches Eritrean life for each generation and our partners.